Trust us, you’ll want to hire moving experts for this one, but it’s good to prepare everything first on your own.  

Peloton Bikes, thanks largely in part to the pandemic, have become a must-have gym equipment in a lot of homes all across America.  The high-end, stationary exercise bicycle with a touchscreen monitor is a powerful cardio machine with lots of great features. 

It also weighs approximately around 135 to 140 pounds (depending on the model), which makes it a really cumbersome item to pack and load when moving to a new address.  It goes without saying that when handling a Peloton Bike for a big move, it’s truly best to leave it to expert movers in San Francisco or the Bay Area. 

However, there are already certain things you can take care of prior to moving that will help you ensure your Peloton Bike will endure its location transfer safely and securely:

Peloton Bike Pro-Tips Before Moving Your Equipment

Check Your Bike’s Warranty

Before touching anything, make sure to read up on what your Peloton’s warranty covers.  In this official Peloton support page from its website, this is explicitly mentioned:

Disclaimer: Damage or equipment failure resulting from disassembling, reassembling, or moving the Peloton Bike will not be covered under Peloton's warranties.”

That clearly states that handling your Peloton on your own for a move could void your bike’s warranty instantly if damage were to occur brought about by the moving.  So it’s best to read up on all the fine print on your equipment’s warranty so you know what to look out for particularly. 

Contact Official Peloton Technicians To See If They Can Help

The company will be able to provide their own technicians who are authorized to disassemble your bike and assemble it back again once you’ve made your house transfer.  Just a heads up though, it can be quite expensive as each process costs $175 each, not including the moving costs.  However, the peace of mind it will bring to have the experts do it for you is priceless.  

In the event that getting official Peloton technicians doesn’t work out for you, then the next best step would be to let professional movers do it for you.  Since you’re already planning for a big move anyway, acquiring top moving companies in SF that are certified and insured will be a good alternative to moving your Peloton Bike. 

Pre-move, you can already disassemble the moving parts of your equipment with this step-by-step guide from Peloton’s support page, which recommends that you have an extra set of hands to help you out while up to the task.  They also recommend that you power off the bike before disassembling or assembling anything.  

As the best movers in the Bay Area, we at SF Bay Area Moving are experienced in moving heavy gym equipment and the precautions needed to make sure these valuable pieces of equipment are safe and damage-free while we move them around.  

We take care of your belongings thoroughly and a Peloton bike is something we can help you handle, as we guide you through every step of the moving process so your valuable home gym equipment can be good to use again immediately at your new home. 


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